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What exactly is a WeVerse album?

K-pop groups are known for releasing their music albums in numerous different versions, sometimes even too many (looking at you, SM Ent.).

If you're a new K-pop stan or just want to know what these different versions mean, today we want to give you a little help.

We are often asked by SeoulMate , your trusted German K-Pop online shop 🫶🏻, what it actually means when an album says "WeVerse Albums Ver." stands.

A WeVerse Album is a type of digital album that you can enjoy using a dedicated app (the WeVerse Albums app) on your smartphone or tablet . A WeVerse album not only offers you the music of your favorite artists, but also bonus content such as digital photo cards and photo books that you can view in the app or download. To use a WeVerse album, you need to download the WeVerse Albums app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and scan the QR code that comes with the physical album. The physical album usually contains different types of photo cards and what is called a “card holder” that serves as the album cover.

A WeVerse album is a great way to support your favorite artists and hear their music in high quality. You can also exchange ideas with other fans in the WeVerse community and discover exclusive content such as videos or live streams.

WeVerse albums are usually cheaper than the standard versions of an album and usually contain more photo cards, making them very interesting for photo card collectors.

Here are some examples of WeVerse albums on SeoulMate:

I hope this post helped you understand what a WeVerse album version of a release is. If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave us a comment. 😊

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  • Priyanka Gawli

    Do we reuired weverse membership to access the album – weverse version.
    Because I purchase weverse version of album and I don’t have membership.

    so am I able to play without membership?

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