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The 12 best gift ideas for K-Pop fans

Christmas is almost upon us and the gift-buying season is about to begin! Finding the right gift for your loved ones can sometimes be really stressful.
K-Pop fans are truly passionate and creative when it comes to their favorite Korean bands and idols. There are countless products, albums and merch for K-pop fans. The search for a suitable gift can be overwhelming.

Are you still looking for a suitable gift for the K-pop fan in your life? Or do you just want to give yourself a gift? We have summarized the top 12 gift ideas for K-pop lovers for you.

K-pop album

Of course, K-pop fans collect all the albums from their favorite artists. New albums and versions of both the group and the solo artists that are missing from the collection are released regularly. Therefore, it is always a good idea to give an album as a gift. You can find a wide selection of K-pop albums on Seoul-Mate . Delivery usually takes place within 1-3 working days from our warehouse in Germany. These are exclusively original goods from Korea, without any customs fees for you.

K-Pop photo cards

What K-Pop fans love about albums is the extra goodies they contain, such as the photo books, postcards and especially the photo cards. K-pop photo cards are popular collectibles and many K-pop stans try to collect all the photo cards of their favorite groups. So instead of an album, you can also give away a selection of photo cards. In our online Kpop shop you will find both individual photo cards and photo card sets. Here you will find something for every fan, e.g. photo cards from BTS , Enhypen , Blackpink , Twice, Kep1er , Le Sserafim , Straykids , Nmixx and many more. Our BTS photo card mystery box is also very popular for all BTS fans, in which you receive random original photo cards of your BTS stars.

K-Pop Mystery Box

A K-Pop Mystery Box made of great randomly selected products is a great gift that will make every fan's heart beat faster. Depending on the version, different items such as albums, photo cards and other K-Pop goodies are included. Surprise is guaranteed.

The SeoulMate K-Pop Mysterbox Box is available as a boy group version , girl group version and also as a special BTS version . The limited BTS versions are available in different sizes from S to L. This makes them the ultimate BTS fan experience.

K-Pop photo books

In addition to the normal albums, many K-pop artists also offer photo books, which, in addition to the book with photographs of the artists themselves, often also contain other goodies such as posters, postcards and photo sets.
At SeoulMate you will find a large selection of photo books of your favorite K-Pop stars, such as Ateez , Le Sserafim , Twice , NCT , Treasure , Twice Chaeyoung and many more.

For all BTS fans there are a number of photobooks to collect, e.g. «Us, Ourselves, and BTS 'WE'», «Me, Myself and Jimin 'ID: Chaos' Photobook», «Me, Myself and RM 'Entirety' »,« Me, myself and V 'Veautiful Days', »Me, myself and Jin, 'Sea of ​​Jin Island'», «Me, myself and Suga 'Wholly or Whole Me'» or « BTS- Yet to come in Busan Photo Book».

K-Pop Cover Magazine

Aside from the official photo books, you can also gift your loved ones a Korean magazine with K-pop stars on the cover. In addition to the front cover, these magazines often also contain a photo series of the idol and an interview and look great as a high-quality coffee table book in any home!

Korean learning set

Is your loved one a K-pop fan and wants to learn the Korean language at the same time? Then give away a Lorean learning set with your K-Pop idols.

With the book set “Learn! Korean with BTS» you learn Korean with the guys from BTS. Together you will learn the most important Korean expressions and grammar so that you can then communicate fundamentally.

“My BTS Diary” is also part of the “Learn Korean with BTS” learning series and is a diary concept book that summarizes the messages BTS posted on social media. The learning set allows BTS fans to better understand the messages and thoughts of their BTS idols in the original.

K-Pop Korea Travel Guide

For the ultimate K-pop fan who always wants to travel to South Korea, there is BTS's Travel Book . The boys from BTS accompany you on your journey through Korea in their new travel book!
In addition to exciting travel tips and recommendations, you will also find lots of useful Korean expressions and helpful phrases that will help you find your way around.

K-pop merch items

For every K-Pop fan, there are many other great merchandise items that will make every fan's heart beat faster. For example, take a look at the cute Brown & Friends slippers in different designs.

There is a variety of merch products for every BTS fan: BTS puzzles , metal posters of your favorite star, postcard sets and much more.
The BT21 fan range includes socks, plushies, make-up removal tapes and candy pouches.

K-pop dance lessons

The K-Pop Idols are known for their dances and extraordinary choreographies. More and more dance schools in Germany now also offer courses for K-pop dances. If your loved one likes to dance, you could give her a trial dance lesson at a local dance school.

K-Pop concert tickets

Seeing your K-pop idol live is certainly the greatest thing for every fan. Therefore, concert tickets are a great gift for every fan. It is best to use the major ticket sales platforms such as Eventim to check where concert tickets are available. But be careful: unfortunately K-pop concert tickets are often very expensive and only start at €100.

K-pop cookbook

Does your loved one like to cook and would like to try out new Korean recipes? Then a K-pop cookbook with lots of recipes for Korean dishes could be just the right gift. For example, in the BTS recipe book “Book of Tasty Stories Recipe Book” you will find many dishes that the BTS boys actually eat themselves. The cookbook contains text in Korean and English so that Army people around the world can understand it.

K-Pop online shop voucher

Still not sure what your loved one wants? Then just give away a voucher for a K-Pop online shop. This way, your loved one can buy exactly what they are missing from their collection!

At SeoulMate, your K-Pop online shop from Germany, we sell 100% official and authentic goods that are imported directly from Korea. We ship directly to your home from our warehouse in Germany within 1-3 working days. Without any customs fees.

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