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    "From DAY 1 to becoming one" ... ZEROBASEONE.

    In July 2023 the guys of brand new boy band ZEROBASEONE debuted with their album [YOUTH IN THE SHADE] .

    The name ' ZEROBASEONE ' implies the 'brilliant start' of the nine members from zero (0) to one (1), as well as the commitment of the members to embark on a free journey from the incomplete 0 to 1 with ' ZEROSE ' (official fan club name).

    The first mini-album " YOUTH IN THE SHADE " describes the image of today's youth, the beauty of radiant youth and the underlying instability. The debut album will be released in two versions: the 'YOUTH' version, showing the radiant image of ZEROBASEONE in the deep darkness, and the 'SHADE' version, which captures the nine members' languid appearance in the bright sunlight.

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