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    2PM (Korean: 투피엠) is a South Korean boy band formed by the record label JYP Entertainment .

    The group consists of six members: Jun. K (formerly known as Junsu), Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung. The group originally consisted of seven members, but former member Jay Park left the group in 2009 due to controversy sparked by his posts on MySpace.

    Foundation and ONE DAY

    Through the documentary series Hot Blood Men , Korean pop pope and JYP founder Park Jin-young formed an eleven-piece band called One Day . Eventually, the band split into hip-hop group 2PM and independent ballad group 2AM .

    2PM debuted with the song "10 Out of 10" showcasing their acrobatic dance style and achieved their first number one single with "Again & Again" .

    Both singles were featured on their debut studio album 01:59PM , released in 2009. The band released another Korean album, Hands Up , in 2011. Later that same year they debuted in Japan with Republic of 2PM .

    The group enjoyed great commercial success with their subsequent albums Grown (2013), Go Crazy (2014), No.5 (2015) and Gentlemen's Game ( 2016), all of which reached the top 3.

    Military service and comeback with "MUST"

    After touring for Gentlemen's Game , the group took official time off in July 2017 due to mandatory military service. Following the members' layoff, 2PM returned with their seventh studio album Must in June 2021.

    Check out 2PM's Instagram page for more insights into the Korean band.

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